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Paid for by Laurie for Broomfield

About Laurie

I am a proud Broomfielder and loving mother of five. I have volunteered for countless events at Church and school. I am a longtime volunteer for a variety of organizations and I'm ready to  work hard for all of our residents. I will work toward a government that works for the people and puts their interests first.

 I grew up in Blaine, MN and attended the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology, where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in 1995. Later that year, I moved to Neenah, Wisconsin to work for Plexus, an electronics manufacturing company. While raising my five children, I invested much of my spare time volunteering at school and community events. 


In 2015, my family moved to Colorado. We fell in love with Broomfield because of its strong community and naturally beautiful open space. We settled in Anthem Highlands and quickly became engaged in the growing community, meeting neighbors, encouraging our children to join a variety of extracurriculars, and enjoying everything that Broomfield has to offer. 

We soon learned that a large-scale oil and gas drilling operation was being proposed uncomfortably close to our home. In response, I worked with our neighbors to urge the city council to prioritize public health and safety over the interests of the industry. I also completed intense research focused on the cumulative health and safety impacts of drilling and hydraulic fracturing on communities. This research led me to co-author a citizen-led risk analysis which we continue to work on and have, on numerous occasions, shared with Council. I now consult with the League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans, a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to elevate the voices of residents living near current or proposed drilling sites. I help concerned residents in other communities around Colorado, much like I do here.


This experience reminded me firsthand how important it is for the government to represent the people.  Advocating for our community and other communities has taught me to approach everything as a problem that can be solved. 

I'm ready to show up and do the hard work for Broomfield and Broomfielders. My passion for our community has always shown in the quality of my work, and I will continue that.